Engineering Contract Staffing Services

Employers rely on TRIAD’s engineering contract staffing services to access quality jobseekers.  Our recruiters have the experience and expertise to help supplement your team with highly qualified professionals for as long as you need them.

Employer's Engineering Staffing Message

Why rely on job ads, employer bids, jobs bidding, or an Indeed resume search website for results?

TRIAD’s engineering staffing experts can help your business hire the contract engineers, design professionals, drafters and R&D technicians you need to quickly adjust to workforce and area market conditions.

By design, our combination of high touch service and information results in partnership success.

An Employer’s Best Source for Qualified Engineering Contract Candidates

Our engineer recruiters have direct access to talent and can quickly fill your contract job openings. We source, screen, and refer the most qualified candidates from our talent pool for your decision to fill your contract job positions with efficient solutions.

Engineer Recruiters Refer Qualified Candidates

You can rest assured that all contractors pass education, criminal background, and reference checks.

Benefits of Contract Engineering Staffing for Employers

Employers in technical industries gain many benefits when they engage a staffing agency with industry experience to hire engineering team members for a number of contract engineering staffing needs.

The Best Position Fit for Your Organization’s Success

Partner with your TRIAD engineering recruiter to source the best fit job candidates for your needs. For five decades, our engineering recruiters have conducted consistent engineering recruiting and successfully placed engineering professionals into contracts in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island. As their dedicated engineering staffing partner, we provide clients with contract engineers.

Engineering Recruiters in NH MA and RI

Engineer Job Candidates Also Benefit from Contract Staffing

Since 1969, engineer employee candidates with a range of engineering backgrounds and career goals have enjoyed career opportunities and successful contract engineering placement results through partnership with TRIAD. In today’s competitive job market, employers and candidates each benefit from temporary staffing options.

How Contract Engineering Staffing Services Help Employers Achieve Business Goals

Our staffing solutions and access to talent helps engineering firms achieve their business goals and improve business performance in four key ways.

Staffing Services Help Companies Meet Tight Project Deadlines

We work to satisfy your staff specifications with ideal candidates from our deep candidate pool so you never miss project deadlines.

Augment your regular workforce team with specific technical expertise

Contract staffing provides an option to augment your team with a wide range of engineering skill sets at any time.

Coverage for Extended Absences of Key Employees

Engineering contractor staff roles can range from various levels of assistance that enables employers to cover the roles and responsibilities of absent critical positions and key personnel.

Productivity Support for Various Workload Fluctuations in Workload

When your firm experiences any form of growth, activity change, or fluctuations in workload, contract staff members and specialists help maintain or boost productivity.

Our Proven Process of Sourcing Engineering Talent for Key Industries

Many of our clients call us with immediate staffing needs for qualified engineers as contractors. Nothing moves more quickly than a contract placement!  Our contract engineering staffing firm serves many industries and enjoys the challenges of staffing great engineer candidates for complex project requirements in your corporate culture.

Our Proven 5-Step Recruitment Process for Contract Positions

[1] Determine Employer Staffing Needs and Requirements

Our industry clients don’t always provide formal job descriptions for their contract position needs. This is not a problem! We simply gather the information we need by discussing key questions with a business owner, hiring manager or human resources representative.

[2] Provide Feedback and Market Area Assessment

Once we gain a full understanding of your desired contract position needs and the technical skills, soft skills, experience level, responsibilities and background you require, we can provide you with feedback based on our in-depth knowledge of the local engineering job market. We also provide an assessment of current area market conditions in terms of engineering professional candidate availability and hourly bill rates.

[3] Review Database to Identify Best Fit Candidates

Once we know your staffing needs, our sourcing efforts begin immediately.  Our extensive database of engineers includes a wide variety of local engineers, designers, drafters, R&D technicians, engineer support staff.  This valuable resource solution enables us to rapidly identify and contact the best candidates for your contract openings.

[4] Present Resumes for Employer Review

Our responsive staff generally provides clients with resumes of screened and qualified candidates within 24 hours. Clients may manage the interview phase however they wish.

Some clients are comfortable hiring degreed engineers and technical professionals after a phone interview and our completion of professional reference checks. More commonly, customer leadership elects to meet with a few candidates at their facility and then make a decision based on the results of in-person interviews.

[5] Provide a Single Bill Rate Cost to Employer

With each resume we provide for review, we include the candidate’s hourly bill rate. This bill rate is all inclusive and is the only cost (direct or indirect) that you will have with respect to the candidate.

Should you elect to hire a contractor, we will invoice you weekly based solely on the number of hours he or she worked, and you approved, for the previous week.

Frequently Asked Questions about Engineering Contract Staffing

Do you Verify Employment and References?

Yes, for all TRIAD Engineering contractors across all engineering disciplines, we manage all communication with professional references, verify degrees and conduct criminal background checks.

How are Contract Engineers Paid?

Contractors are W-2 employees of TRIAD Engineering. One single hourly bill rate is the only cost clients are responsible for. For example, our engineering staffing agency handles contractors’ payroll taxes, state & federal unemployment insurance, workers compensation insurance, professional liability insurance, and benefits.  In this way, our contract staffing services minimize your organization’s employment-related costs and allow you complete flexibility in  your technical staffing decisions.

How long is a typical contract assignment for engineering professionals?

The typical contract assignment length for engineering professionals and technical candidates ranges from two months to well over a year. When contract positions are nearly complete, most clients provide us with a one to two-week notice, although this is not required.  Advance notice provides our custom engineering contract staffing recruiters the opportunity to proactively seek a follow-on contract assignment for our contract engineering professionals.