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Serving Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New Hampshire Since 1969

TRIAD Engineering Corp. is the full-service engineering staffing agency of choice for employers and engineering job seekers throughout Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New Hampshire.

Since 1969, we have enhanced and streamlined the process of connecting employers with engineering professionals from our robust local network of qualified candidates across multiple engineering disciplines.

We know the history and current pulse of the local candidate pool and technical job market. Our clients rely on us to advise them regarding trends in hiring, availability of industry-specific skill sets, engineering salaries, time to hire, benefit packages, overall compensation, and more.

Our deep regional experience enables firms and candidates to avoid issues associated with non-local hiring such as scheduling hassles, travel or relocation expenses, and potential concerns about regional culture-fit.

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One of The Best Engineering Staffing Agencies

The Go To Source For Engineers, Technical Management and Engineering Support Staff

Ranked as one of the best engineering staffing agencies in New England, our comprehensive local recruiting and staffing solutions set us apart as a technical staffing agency.

TRIAD engineering recruiters specialize in matching talented engineers and technicians with firms who require specific skill sets. Our sole focus on engineer staffing has earned us industry credibility as a dedicated technical staffing agency.

Our employer clients and our network of community engineering professionals alike view our suite of engineering staffing services as a trusted valuable resource for achieving their business goals.

We place several types and levels of professionals, to provide full-spectrum talent for your engineering department. Choose from technical management staffing, engineering staffing and engineering support staffing.

Engineering Staffing Services
Technical Services Certified badge

For five decades, our seasoned engineering staffing agency has successfully matched engineers, design/drafters, and R&D technicians with opportunities for career-enhancement.

We understand the technology our clients use, and our engineering recruiters are doubly-certified by the American Staffing Association as Certified Staffing Professionals, as well as Technical Services Certified.

The additional technical certification includes all the rigorous content covered by the Certified Staffing Professional program, plus additional subject areas including worker classification, per diem rules, and H-1B visas.

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Contract Staffing, Contract-to-Direct Staffing and Direct Placement

Whatever your hiring needs, TRIAD is your resource for a full range of employment options. Choose from long-term direct placement to shorter-term engineering contract staffing for specific projects.

Our contract-to-direct option enables you to evaluate a prospective employee’s performance before hiring them full time.

Contract Staffing is a popular service offered by our engineering staffing agency that allows you to augment your typical staff with well-qualified professionals for as long as you need their expertise.

Engineer Staffing Agency

Our clients benefit from the support of contract engineers in multiple disciplines, design and drafting professionals, R&D technicians and more.

Contract Staffing is a popular service that allows you to augment your typical staff with well-qualified professionals for as long as you need their expertise.  Our clients benefit from the support of contract engineers in multiple disciplines, design and drafting professionals, R&D technicians and more. This key support helps clients meet project deadlines or adapt to workload fluctuations, personnel absences, etc.  Many clients consider our engineering recruiters as their trusted staffing agency resource.

Contract to Direct Staffing is an excellent way to evaluate a prospective technical employee’s technical abilities and disposition to ensure a fit for your needs and corporate culture before offering permanent employment. Our candidates appreciate the contract-to-direct staffing option because we actively market their skills and offer career options they cannot access elsewhere. They also value the experience of working for a firm before committing to potential direct employment.

Direct Placement provides employers with quick access to the most qualified candidates for their direct-hire career opportunities. Prior to placement, we interview all potential employees, verify degrees, check references, and execute criminal background checks.

The Benefits of Working With Our Engineering Staffing Agency

Companies and career candidates choose TRIAD versus other engineering staffing agencies because our engineer recruiters have deep experience in the nuances that make up the science and art of technical job placement.

Our team has the technical and people skills to perform highly successful job placements.

TRIAD is a longstanding member of the American Staffing Association (ASA). This affiliation ensures that our team is committed to the high standards of legal, ethical, and professional practices of the staffing industry.

Access to a Top Talent Pool of Local Engineers with Industry-specific Experience

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Our clients trust TRIAD technical recruiters as their resource for local candidates with industry-specific experience. For example, sought-after expertise often includes mechanical engineers with aerospace backgrounds; engineers with background expertise in medical devices, medical device wearables, small consumer electronics, consumer products, and more.

Convenience of Outsourced Recruiting for Key Areas of Expertise

Clients outsource their recruiting process to TRIAD because we maintain strong relationships with local engineers who have the technical skill sets they need.  This enables employers to focus on their core business instead of the demanding and specialized process of identifying, vetting, and onboarding candidates.  Outsourcing also protects the hiring firm’s brand from exposure to candidates that are not the best fit, and prevents an influx of phone or email inquiries that could overwhelm or distract office staff.

Immediate Access to Short-Term, As-Needed Staff with Specific Skill Sets

Employers often require short-term staff with particular technical expertise. Examples of when companies engage TRIAD’s contract staffing recruiters to hire for specific skill sets include:

  • To support project-based needs or meet project deadlines
  • To work through a backlog or support an influx in business
  • To augment their current team
  • To cover extended leaves of absence (maternity/paternity, medical, etc.)
  • To gain specialized expertise not already in-house
  • To assess temporary outcomes before committing to longer-term hires

Reduction of Time to Hire

Time to hire is a key metric in the highly competitive engineering job market. Companies rely on our engineering staffing agency to streamline the hiring process and reduce the time to hire.

Our recruiting specialists maintain relationships with many engineering professionals currently working in permanent roles elsewhere and either actively or passively seeking new employment.

These relationships enable us to reduce time to hire by quickly prospecting talented engineers that our clients would not otherwise know about.

Opportunity to Evaluate Prospective Employees Before Offering Permanent Employment

Our contract-to-direct hiring option affords employers the opportunity to evaluate a prospective employee’s performance before offering permanent employment.

This reduces the risk of making a bad hiring decision, because the employee actually works in your facility at your direction as a contractor for a period of time in which you can evaluate them in an on-the-job setting.

This evaluation-before-commitment scenario offers an employer valuable insight into the softer skills and personality-fit factors that cannot be gleaned from an interview or resume alone.

What’s more, you can permanently-hire with confidence knowing that TRIAD offers a no-risk period during which you may terminate an employee and receive a refund of your fee investment.

We Handle Payroll, Insurance and Benefits for Contract and Contract-to-Direct Placements

With contract and contract-to-direct employment arrangements, contractors are W-2 employees of TRIAD Engineering Corp.

This means that employers pay just one hourly rate for contractors, while TRIAD is responsible for payroll taxes, workers comp insurance, state & federal unemployment insurance, professional liability insurance, and benefits.

This allows employers more flexibility in staffing and minimizes their employment investment.

Why JOB SEEKERS Choose to Work With Us

Engineer Staffing Agency TestimonialAccess to Exclusive Opportunities for Career Enhancement

Many firms who work exclusively with TRIAD only reveal their needs for engineering talent to us. Thus, these opportunities are only accessible to job seekers through TRIAD Engineering Corp.

Confidential Marketing of Specialized Expertise

Our wide network of active and passive job seekers value that we work to fully understand their capabilities and goals, and then discretely and confidentially market their skill sets. This results in opportunities to consider career options they cannot access elsewhere.

Opportunity to Evaluate Work Environment Before Committing Long-term

Our contract-to-direct staffing option enables candidates to work for a firm before committing to long-term direct employment.

Types of Engineers and Technicians We Support

We are a proven, trusted tech staffing agency resource for employers. Our deep relationships with a wide range of active and passive engineering job seekers ensures that we are the best resource for technical professionals that fit your specific needs.

Industries often require engineers from a diverse range of disciplines because they contribute unique knowledge and skill sets.

Some of the Most Popular Types of Engineering Roles We Staff:

  • Application engineers
  • Automation engineers
  • Chemical engineers
  • Civil/Structural engineers
  • Design drafters
  • Design engineers
  • Electrical engineers
  • Engineering Directors
  • Engineering VP
  • Field service engineers
  • Hardware/embedded engineers
  • Manufacturing engineers
  • Mechanical engineers
  • Project engineers
  • Project managers
  • Quality engineers
  • Sales engineers
  • Software/Firmware engineers
  • Systems engineers
  • Technical buyers
  • Test engineers

Industries We Support

TRIAD Engineering Corp. serves as the proven, trusted staffing resource for a wide range of technical industries, from aerospace to utilities and most everything in between.

Some of the Industries For Which We Provide Technical Professionals:

  • Agriculture
  • Advanced Materials
  • Aerospace
  • Architectural
  • Chemicals
  • Consumer Products
  • Defense
  • Electronics
  • Energy
  • Hardware
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical Device
  • Metals and Materials
  • Optics
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Telecommunications
  • Test & Measurement
  • Utilities


We Staff Engineers Through Every Stage of Their Career Lifecycle

TRIAD Engineering Corp. supports engineering staffing and recruitment for every stage of the career lifecycle.  We know that every employer’s technical staffing needs are unique, and every candidate’s career path is unique.

In our half-century of experience successfully matching companies and candidates, we’ve placed engineers with a wide variety of specialties into career-enhancing professional roles.

Our approach to recruiting and staffing supports career paths that are traditional or non-traditional, based on employers’ needs and candidates’ qualifications.

For example, a traditional career path of a mechanical engineer or electrical engineer may progress from entry level through roles such as Design Engineer, Project Engineer, Project Manager, Principal, Director, or VP of Engineering.  A non-traditional career path may progress quite differently, based on the engineer’s expertise and professional objectives.

Each candidate’s engineering background and career goals vary, and our team takes pride in helping engineers find fulfilling opportunities with companies throughout our region.

Engineering Staffing Agency FAQs

Engineering Staffing

Employers and mechanical engineers rely on the mechanical engineering staffing agency experience of TRIAD Engineering Corp., located in Lynnfield Massachusetts. For more than five decades, TRIAD has proven to be one of the top staffing agencies for mechanical engineers in Greater Boston, Rhode Island and New Hampshire.

When considering technical staffing agencies, it is important to engage the services of a recruiter with deep local experience working with a wide network of engineers in your geographic area. The technical staffing specialists at TRIAD Engineering Corp. have more than five decades of local experience. When you research staffing agencies in RI, NH and MA, ask prospective recruiters if they specialize in technical staffing, and how long their recruiting firm has been in business. Ask about their process of discovering and vetting job seekers, and how their recruiters work with employers to fill their engineering job openings.

Yes. When a project for which you require contracted technical employees ends earlier than you anticipated, you may end the contract at any time without penalty. This ensures that you gain exactly what you need, and only pay for the hours that the employee worked for you. Although not required, our clients typically notify us when their projects are nearing completion. This courtesy allows us time to research subsequent contract positions for our technical professionals.

As your local, Massachusetts-based engineering staffing company, TRIAD makes it easy for you to outsource all of your engineering staffing recruiting needs. You gain access to the prescreened and qualified local engineer professionals you need to fill your short- and long-term needs for key areas of expertise. You can choose from Contract Staffing, Contract-to-Direct Staffing and Direct Placement.