Direct Placement

Our direct placement services allow you to focus on your business while we identify highly qualified candidates for your challenging, direct hire technical openings. For more than 45 years we have been building strong networks within the local community of engineering professionals. This local network enables us to recruit passive candidates who may not be seeking a new opportunity, as well as obtain professional referrals from trusted sources. As with our other staffing services, all candidates are thoroughly screened, with comprehensive reference verifications, degree verifications and criminal background checks completed.

How it works

We won’t waste your time. We will only send you the resumes of candidates who fit your open position. For us to present the most qualified candidates for your specific need, we begin the process by learning about your business – why this position is open, where this person will fit in the organizational structure, along with any other company information you think will be helpful to us as we screen candidates.

Next, it is important for us to fully understand what this person will be responsible for on a day-to day basis. To establish what a “typical day” will look like, we will review the job description in detail with you. If you don’t already have a job description we will create one based on our discussions. We will also review your requirements for the hire, both in terms of technological experience and industry/market experience.

Armed with a full understanding of your firm and your open position, we will be able to provide feedback based on our in-depth knowledge of the local job market. We will be able to provide an assessment of current local market conditions both in terms of candidate availability and salary ranges.

Placing engineering professionals for over four decades in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island, we have an extensive database of local engineers / designers / drafters / R&D technicians. Many are considered to be passive candidates, and aren’t actively seeking new opportunities. They aren’t looking at the job boards and aren’t searching open positions on LinkedIn. However, they are open to hearing about opportunities in which we believe they may have interest. For the right opportunity they will consider a career change. This is where we begin our searches – this is a great source of talent!

Once we identify and carefully screen a candidate, we will provide you with his/her resume to review. Should you elect to either speak with the candidate over the phone or meet in person to further explore his/her fit, we will take care of the details. You decide how the interview phase proceeds. We have clients who conduct a phone interview followed by one face-to-face interview, and others who schedule first round interviews for 3-4 candidates and then bring the top two candidates back for second interviews. The specifics are up to you.

After you identify a candidate whom you would like to extend an offer, we will facilitate any salary and benefit negotiations. We will have already spoken with professional references, and will verify degrees and run a criminal background check. We can also coordinate drug screenings or any special hiring requirements.

The hiring cycle may last from three to eight weeks, depending on the complexity of the search and the availability of your hiring managers to interview. The vast majority of our candidates are currently working, so generally are available to start with a two week notice to their current employer.

The agreement

If you would like us to conduct a direct placement search, we will execute a short agreement between our firms. This agreement defines the placement fee as a percentage of the first year salary of the candidate whom you hire. Even after signing this agreement, you are under no obligation to hire a candidate we refer. You make the hiring decision and our fee is earned only if / when you hire a candidate whom we referred.