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What is contract-to-direct?

Contract-to-direct is becoming a very popular way for employers to hire direct employees. Contract-to-direct arrangements begin with the candidate as a contractor at the client site. After some period of time, there may be an offer of direct employment with the client.

Employers and candidates like this arrangement as it allows both parties to try each other out in an on-the-job setting. You can only gain a limited amount of knowledge from an interview; however, you can really get a sense for whether you would be happy with an employer after first working there as a contractor.

By Kristen Roper | Mar 4, 2019 | Categories: |

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Kristen Roper is Owner and President of TRIAD Engineering Corp. (www.triad-eng.com), an engineering staffing firm based in Lynnfield, Massachusetts that connects successful firms with technical talent throughout Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island. For almost 50 years, TRIAD has provided clients with flexible staffing arrangements including contract, contract-to-direct, and direct placement services.