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Why should I become a contract engineer or drafter?

Contracting offers many features that may appeal to you. As a contractor, you have complete autonomy with respect to the direction of your career. You select which job opportunities you would like to pursue, how much time off you would like between jobs, etc. Contracting offers considerable flexibility not found with direct employment.

Some of the specific benefits of contract work include:

  • Higher Income. Hourly compensation at a pay rate typically higher than direct employment would offer for the same work.
  • Diversity. You will have the opportunity to work in a variety of industries on many different types of projects.
  • Skill Development. Working on a variety of jobs, you will rapidly enhance your technical skills while working with the latest technologies. If you are a new graduate, contracting is a great way to gain valuable experience.
  • Convenience. Your job search is conducted by an experienced recruiter: You simply decide which jobs to accept. Your recruiter will submit your resume, schedule interviews, and negotiate pay rates for you.

By Kristen Roper | Mar 4, 2019 | Categories: |