R&D Technicians

At TRIAD, we recognize that talented technicians are critical to the success of your R&D team.

Our mechanical technicians have a wide variety of experience assisting engineers by:

  • Building or setting-up equipment
  • Conducting tests, collecting data, calculating or recording results
  • Troubleshooting, debugging
  • Making prototype versions of newly designed products


TRIAD’s electronic technicians are proficient with the full range of tools including: voltmeters,

oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, multimeters, power supplies, logic analyzers, signal generators, pulse generators, frequency counters, and test probes.

They will work with your electrical engineers to:

  • Test and troubleshoot prototype circuits to the component level
  • Solder, perform PCB rework


Consider TRIAD’s network of electro-mechanical technicians when your R&D needs span both the mechanical and electronic disciplines.

These technicians may:

  • Build cable assemblies and wire harnesses
  • Perform assembly of electronic hardware, cabinets and enclosures
  • Assist engineers in the production of prototype assemblies
  • Perform thru-hole and point-to-point soldering, electro-mechanical assembly, fabrication and testing
  • Use a wide variety of test and measurement devices