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So, You’re a Passive Candidate?

Kristen Roper
President: TRIAD Engineering Corp.

Many engineering professionals are currently working and not actively seeking a new opportunity – so-called “passive candidates”. They might be interested if the right job comes along, but definitely aren’t pouring over online job postings or proactively contacting hiring companies. If this describes you, read on. You can take a few simple steps to make sure recruiters can find you with career-enhancing opportunities.

First, make your professional credentials easily accessible. This includes:

  • A robust LinkedIn profile. Create your profile as carefully as you do your resume, including details regarding experience, education and professional interests. LinkedIn is a tremendous tool for recruiters – if you’re not visible there, you are certainly missing out on opportunities.
  • Professional associations. Do you belong to any professional associations? You probably should, as recruiters often use member databases and networking lists to identify potential good fits for specialized engineering opportunities.
  • College alumni associations. Check with your school to see what they offer in terms of networking options. Many colleges have comprehensive databases designed to help graduates advance their careers. Sometimes hiring managers seek to hire engineers with a similar educational profile as theirs, so don’t overlook this easy networking tool.

Next, you may want to consider forming a relationship with a professional recruiter. Find a recruiter who specializes in your area of expertise. Introduce yourself, make clear your professional goals, and define the mix of factors that might entice you to explore another opportunity. Then, keep in touch every month or so. The recruiter will be keeping a keen eye out for any opportunity that fits your requirements.

Remember, allowing yourself to be found doesn’t mean you have to follow up on opportunities a recruiter might present. You’re in control, choosing which opportunities you’d like to hear more about. There’s really no downside, and who knows, you might just find your perfect opportunity!

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