Flexible Employment Options

When you work with TRIAD, you have the option of pursuing engineering, design/drafting, or R&D technician opportunities in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island with the following options:

Contract Assignments

As a technology staffing agency, TRIAD often works with local companies who hire engineering professionals on a contract basis. These companies prefer contractors for a variety of reasons, including; staffing a project that has a tight deadline, filling a vacancy caused by an employee taking leave, or handling seasonal fluctuations in business activity. These contract assignments may be for a few weeks, a few months, or even several years.

While on a contract assignment, you are an employee of TRIAD. Although you work at our client’s facility and under their direction and supervision, we pay you and provide your benefits. Your recruiter is in frequent communication and is always available as a resource as your contract proceeds.

Contract assignments appeal to many technical professionals as a way to gain experience with a variety of technologies and industries. Especially for junior candidates, contracting may provide opportunities that might not be available on a direct hire basis.

Contract-to-Direct Assignments

This has become a very popular way for companies to hire direct staff. Contract-to-direct offers an enormous benefit to both candidates and hiring companies: the ability to try each other out prior to making long-term employment decisions.

For the hiring company, this means that they can evaluate you in an on-the-job setting before making a direct hire commitment. For you, this means that you can determine whether the company and the position are a good fit for your career objectives. You can only tell so much from an interview; however, spending several months as a contractor provides great insight as to the company culture, management structure and actual job responsibilities and expectations.

The contract period generally lasts 6 months, although some contractors are offered direct employment within a shorter timeframe.

Direct Placement

TRIAD works with many companies who desire to hire talented engineering professionals directly. In these cases, you become an employee of our client immediately. The hiring process for direct placement opportunities is typically longer than that for contract or contract-to-direct opportunities, and often involves multiple interviews. Direct placement has particular appeal for those candidates who are currently working in direct positions with other firms.