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Termination – Making the Most of a Difficult Situation

Many of us will have the unpleasant experience of being terminated at some point during our working years. Regardless of what terminology is used – laid off, let go, fired, down-sized – the end result is the same: your relationship with the employer has just been severed. While you may immediately be tempted to unleash a tirade on your now ex-manager or human resources representative, a more measured and professional response will serve you much better in the long run. How you handle being terminated may go a long way in determining how the next chapter of your career plays out. There are some very practical reasons for handling your termination in a professional manner.

By Kristen Roper | May 16, 2018 | Categories: Careers |

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Kristen Roper is Owner and President of TRIAD Engineering Corp. (www.triad-eng.com), an engineering staffing firm based in Lynnfield, Massachusetts that connects successful firms with technical talent throughout Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island. For almost 50 years, TRIAD has provided clients with flexible staffing arrangements including contract, contract-to-direct, and direct placement services.