“TRIAD has become a trusted recruiting partner in sourcing and presenting quality professional candidates to our company.  The culture of the agency aligns nicely with our approach to recruiting: low pressure, friendly service, honest communication and ultimately great results.  Even for some of the tougher searches – where hiring managers are not fully sure of what they are looking for – TRIAD is patient and helpful in defining the role, advising on the greater marketplace, and ultimately performing the search.  A fantastic organization to work with!”

Senior HR Professional, International Developer of Heating, Cooling & Plumbing Products

“Closing in on the end of my first year at my new company, I can reflect back at my experience with TRIAD very positively.  Marissa was very professional and extremely easy to communicate with.  She listened to what I was interested in and asked specific questions to refine the scope of what my next employment opportunity should include.  The overall process took about 3-4 months to land my new role as Director of Engineering.  The first half of that time was spent finding the right fit while the back half was focused on landing the offer from my current company.  And Marissa wasn’t the only contact I had at TRIAD.  When she was unavailable, several of the other staff stepped-in and supported the effort of finding my new opportunity.  And since my new role is that of a hiring manager, I have gone back to TRIAD and hired two new engineers through them because of the experiences I have had with them.”

Director of Engineering, Well-established Consumer Product Design and Manufacturer

“The advantages we have found by engaging TRIAD include a staff that takes the time to really understand our business –the character, chemistry and nuances of our work environment and who can fit into our organization.  TRIAD is not just filling a job description for us, they are qualifying their candidates that can thrive in our business environment – and bring in the skill set we need. Employees are an investment, the people we work with at TRIAD, have been excellent at finding new employees, that have become good investments for our company.”

Vice President, Global Leader in Special Equipment Design and Fabrication

“We’ve worked with Triad for several years now and have always been impressed with their personalized and professional approach to solving our staffing needs. Triad continues to provide us highly qualified staff and has become our “go to” agency for key employee placements.”

Vice President, World Leader in Laser Micromachining

“The Triad team has consistently provided our organization with quality candidates for our staffing needs. Each team member takes the time to know our organization, the manager and the specific position requirements. They have demonstrated tremendous persistence and patience with our difficult-to-fill and unique positions and always ensure only qualified candidates are presented.”

Human Resources, Medical Device Company

“Triad has been providing temporary technical personnel for my department for almost six years. During that period, we have shared a good working relationship that has been very beneficial to my department. Triad has provided personnel with the proper skills to meet our needs, and has always been very responsible, attentive, courteous and responsive.”

Design Manager, Major New England Utility

“Triad has consistently understood our technical needs and provided us with a pool of qualified candidates. From this pool we have been able to hire competent, happy and productive people.”

President, Company Supplying Sophisticated Test and Measurement Equipment

“Our company’s growth strategy centers around creating value for our customers. Our engineering team must have a cross section of strong technical skills and the intangibles that define a person’s professional character. This allows our department to be larger and stronger than the sum of its parts. TRIAD understands this and consistently provides candidates with the highest technical credentials, relevant experience and modus operandi that fulfill our 1 +1 = 3 strategy.”

Engineering Manager, Global Leader in Energy Efficient Air Treatment Solutions

“Working with TRIAD has been a pleasure. The people I have worked with have been both pleasant and responsive. They take their assignments seriously and seek to obtain the best match regarding job requirements and target price. They are friendly and cooperative and are flexible to changing requirements and needs that can occur throughout the job search, interviewing, and hiring process.”

Vice President, Worldwide Electronics Manufacturer

“TRIAD has been very flexible and cooperative in meeting our engineering and design requirements. They have worked with us to provide us with a number of high quality technical engineering and design employees in this challenging job market. It is a pleasure to work with TRIAD’s staff.”

Director, National Supplier of Energy Services and Products