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Why Your Company Should Consider Using a Contract Placement Firm

Kristen Roper
President: TRIAD Engineering Corp.

There are no more critical decisions your company faces than those associated with hiring professional help.  Your technical staff develops the work product that is ultimately provided to your most valuable asset – your customers.  They have a tremendous impact on your firm’s professional reputation.  Your staff, permanent or contract, full-time or part-time, accounts for an extraordinary percentage of your expenses.  Clearly, when and how to add staff is one of the most important, and toughest, day-to-day decisions most managers face.

For the many companies for which business conditions fluctuate or are challenging to forecast, it simply doesn’t make sense to only have permanent staff on hand.  Too often, the disconnect between project requirements and the people required to perform the tasks will be significant.  Other times, the engineering skill sets of your staff aren’t completely aligned with the skills required for current projects. These situations require a flexible approach to balance the demands of project timelines with budgetary constraints. This is why so many companies turn to a contract staffing firm as a business partner. A professional staffing firm can help you assess your needs, identify critical skill sets, set a realistic budget, and advise on the relative availability of candidates with various professional backgrounds in the local market. And, critically, identify and present the most qualified candidates currently available to meet your needs.  TRIAD Engineering specializes in helping companies with all of these functions.

From the moment your company recognizes the need for additional resources to meet project requirements, it’s important to keep in mind the value of partnering with a contract staffing agency.  There are many factors to consider. Individually they are important, and when considered collectively they’re compelling.

So, what are the benefits of using TRIAD Engineering as your company’s specialized engineering staffing agency partner?

Money Saved.  According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average cost per hire for a new employee is $57,967.88 including wages, benefits, and payroll taxes.  Of course, this number is higher in our region and within the professional engineering community.  When recruiting and advertising costs, screening and testing costs are also considered, this number can quickly grow. A staffing service such as ours can provide you with predictable costs in the form of a set hourly rate, and many offer financial guarantees to support the quality of their talent. In addition, engineers contracted through our staffing agency fall under our payroll tax, unemployment, benefits and worker’s compensation umbrella. This helps keep your costs down and you aren’t negatively affected if the contractor files an unemployment claim at the end of the project. Remember, in this model, you are not hiring an employee with their loaded costs. The contract staff are W2 employees of the staffing firm, working under your supervision and direction.

Increased Productivity. Employers who spread extra workload across their existing staff rather than adding additional staff can quickly see a drop in productivity. Employees working prolonged overtime or long hours can quickly become overwhelmed, unmotivated, and less alert on the job.  Alternatively, many people you hire through a specialized hiring agency are hoping to impress and are highly motivated.  They often bring energy and a fresh perspective that translates into a more effective and productive team.

Increased Flexibility.  Contract placement firms such as ours enable your company to utilize engineering talent as required.  Contractors are there when you need them, for as long as you need them.  Whether your need for temporary staff is for a big new project, to cover a medical leave, or an unexpected increase in workload, having an established staffing partner such as TRIAD Engineering can quickly provide you with additional resources during your time of need. Staffing agencies work with professionals and skilled workers who are open to short term, project, or part time work and have strong backgrounds in their individual technical disciplines. Having experienced talent who can quickly come in, make an impact, and then leave once the need is met provides you with tremendous flexibility to adapt to ever-changing business challenges.

A Guaranteed Hire. Experts report, and most managers would agree, that new employees don’t immediately meet expectations.  With the time, money, and resources associated with the hiring and on boarding process this can be discouraging. As a professional staffing agency, we offer a guarantee on our talent for a certain period after hire.

Get the Right Person.  This is critical. In specialized engineering fields, it’s the job of the contract placement firm to have a deep reservoir of established talent to meet the needs of you, the client. This is to your great advantage, particularly with time-critical searches. Engineering placement is our specialty.

Time Savings.  Staffing firms save you time – and money – because they invest substantial energy sourcing , screening, building and maintaining relationships with candidates.  This is their business and many are very good at it.  Rather than spending valuable time trying to find the best person with necessary skills, our clients continue with their normal business operations while we work to present them with a small number of the best qualified and currently available candidates.

With the majority of employers in the United States choosing to partner with a staffing service at some point, there are proven benefits to this approach.  If you are considering a staffing partner for the first time or are considering a change in your current staffing arrangement, take the time to fully qualify your future staffing partner. Established recruiting firms like ours will be able to provide you with testimonials, will have access to a strong and proven pool of candidates in the engineering field, and will take the time to understand your firm’s goals and staffing challenges.  Give us a call and let’s discuss how we can partner with your company on your next project.

Summary: Staffing agencies enable companies to utilize talent as required. For instance, temporary workers may be introduced to supplement a firm’s permanent staff during periods of high workload, challenging project deadlines, or medical leaves.  Additionally, a staffing agency can provide, on a short term or project basis, engineering skills that a firm’s permanent staff may not possess.  These companies experience great flexibility when using temporary staff from a staffing agency as help is there only for as long as it is needed.  Whether temporary jobs last a few weeks or several years, staffing companies such as TRIAD Engineering allow businesses to easily adjust their staffing levels to meet their ever-changing needs.

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